my name is Aliz and I’m a German artist! Here you can find out more about what I have been doing in the past and what I will be working on next. Some of my works are still available, so take a look in my shop. If you’re interested in my music I have good news – I have some stuff planned. More information below!

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Kind regards,
Aliz Winterberg

Since 2021 I sell hand-painted jeansjackets. My website where you can commission me is currently undergoing maintenance. But you find some of my jackets on Instagram!

Available Art

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Did you know...

… that I also make music? I’ve been playing the piano for more than 15 years. I had several performances at my university where I showed my own compositions and mash-ups. When I learn a song I don’t just play it how it was composed. I love improvising and adding some Aliz-spice to it. A few years ago I started composing. My next album will be released in a few months. For some of my pieces sheet music is available. You can download it for free here:


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